Farmer Matthew Ocone sowing companion plants next to a newly planted Peach Tree

Dacha Farms is a small family farm located in Freeville, NY.   We seek to combine the best ideas of deep organic farming, intensive market gardening, and permaculture to create a sustainable and resilient food production system.

In addition to our 1/3 of an acre market garden, we have a small orchard, an extensive nut grove (in pre-production stages), a blueberry planting, a family sized herb garden and asparagus patch, two grape arbors, an edible hedge, and various other perennial plantings.  We have a keen interest in perennial fruits and vegetables, and have many unusual plants on trial, which we propagate on a small scale.  These include vegetables like Turkish Rocket, Lovage, Skirrit, and Good King Henry, and fruit such as Medlar, Quince, Cornelian Cherry, Nanking Cherry, Juneberry, Sea Buckthorn, Haskap, Hardy Kiwi, Dwarf Sour Cherry, Shipova, Persimmon, Mulberry, and Paw-paw.

Along with all the plants, we also keep honey bees, and raise chickens.

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